Polkiora is a scripture that advocates the importance of living with positive emotions.

Positive emotions mean love, courage, hope, kindness, happiness, peace of mind, respect and appreciation, etc.

Please write a sentence explaining the importance of positive emotions, and depending on the content, it is adopted as the official doctrine of Polkiora.

In order to avoid confusion about who wrote the doctrine first, we removed the items for writing the author name. All doctrines were created by Polkiora.

Doctrine can be written in all languages around the world.

There are no restrictions on the format of the text. Any format such as explanation, story, poetry is possible.

Polkiora is the signpost of your life. This scripture will help you whenever you feel anxiety or fear.

It is very important that people all over the world come together based on a specific philosophy. It will be a great force to change the world.

Let us work together to make a wonderful scripture.

You can write the doctrine on this page.

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